GPS Lights

RubiQ’s outer LEDs show her current communications with satellites. Look to these to learn when RubiQ is ready for flight, or why she cannot achieve lift-off.


  • Red LEDs: No satellites are detected
  • Green LEDs: Satellites are detected
  • 7 Green Flashes: Ready for 3D Lock

Red LEDs: No Satellites Detected 

All four corner LEDs are red. Head outside to an open area clear of trees, buildings and overhangs to be able to fly.

RubiQ red GPS LEDs

Green LEDs: Connecting to Satellites 

Green LEDs mean RubiQ is communicating with satellites. Count the number of flashes from these corner LEDs to learn how many satellites your drone has locked-on to. RubiQ needs to lock onto at least 7 satellites to be able to fly. When RubiQ’s GPS lights have flashed green at least 7 times, listen for her to indicate that 3D lock has been established. This happy tone will only sound if RubiQ is stationary and has locked onto at least 7 satellites. With 3D Lock established, RubiQ is ready for flight.


Note: while in this video Rubi connects to satellites almost immediately, depending on the conditions, it may take several minutes to achieve 3D lock.