Receiver Status Light

RubiQ has a single LED on her receiver which shows her bind status.

This LED may light-up as blue or green. Find the small LED light on your receiver to diagnose any radio binding issues.

RubiQ receiver LED

  • Blinking LED: Looking for radio controller
  • Solid LED: Connected to radio controller
  • No LED (with battery plugged in): In binding process

Binding to Radio

At the beginning of the bind process, the receiver LED will blink, as it looks for radio connection.

Once the bind button on the receiver is pressed during the binding process and the battery is inserted, the LED should go dark. This signifies that the receiver has entered bind mode. The LED will remain dark.

After a successful bind, the LED will be solid whenever the radio is powered on and the drone’s battery is connected, showing that the RX is receiving input from the controller.

Not Connected to Radio

When the RX is receiving power but not connected to a radio, the light will blink. This could mean that the drone is bound to a radio that isn’t powered on, or that the drone isn’t yet bound to a radio.