The channel bars in the RubiQ Configurator Receiver tab are incorrect.

If the channel bars don't move correctly in the RubiQ Configurator, check the channel map and bind.

This article applies to RubiQ 2.0 (Taranis X9 Lite).

For help with RubiQ 1.0/1.5 or RubiQ 2.0 (Taranis Q X7) channel bars in INAV, click here.

If the channels aren’t mapped correctly:

If the channels aren’t mapped correctly (for example, the Roll bar moves when you raise the throttle on the radio), switch the Channel Map to Default/AETR (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder). Press save and test the sticks again.


If your bars aren’t moving in the RubiQ Configurator:

The bind was not successful. Return to Step 1 of the Configuration Guide and rework through the binding process.

If you continue to experience issues:

Check that you’re operating on the correct version of the RubiQ Configurator. You must download the RubiQ Configurator directly from here.