The drone is not responding to radio controls.

If RubiQ is not responding to radio controls, flip the beeper to see if it's bound.


To see if the drone is bound to the radio controller, flip the beeper.

If the beeper beeps:

RubiQ is bound but not arming.

  1. Make sure the master/main radio controller has switches in the correct position for Return to Home, Angle Mode, etc.
  2. Verify channel mapping by choosing your version of RubiQ below:
    1. RubiQ 1.0 or 1.5: Verify AUX Channels
    2. RubiQ 2.0 (Q X7): Verify AUX Channels
    3. RubiQ 2.0 (X9 Lite): Verify AUX Channels

If the beeper doesn’t beep:

Check the following:

  • The drone may not be bound to the radio controller. Return to Step 1 of the configuration guide by choosing your version of RubiQ below:
  • The drone or radio controller batteries may be low or dead. All batteries must be fully charged before flight.
  • The radio switches may need to be reconfigured. Return to the configuration guide for your version of RubiQ to configure the switches: