The FPV goggles are not receiving video feed.

If your FPV goggles are not showing the video from the RubiQ drone's camera, check the connection and the power.

Adjust the channel on the goggles:

The name of the game is matching frequencies. Use the chart below to determine the position of the VTX dip switches. These dip switches can be found immediately behind the VTX antenna. It is a red box with three white switches.

On the RubiQ drone, make sure the camera is plugged into the PCB:

Please note that the black wire (ground/GND) is positioned towards the inside of the RubiQ chassis.

Check the power / battery for the goggles:

Make sure the goggles are connected correctly to the power source and that they are charged.

Some versions of  Discover Drones include goggles that use an external battery. Please be sure to check the amount of power in the battery before flight by using the included battery charger.

For goggles with an internal battery, you may check the amount of power by turning them on and looking for the battery symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.