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I can't access my curriculum videos or digital resources.

What are the network requirements for PCS Edventures programs? Instructions for IT / Network Admins to ensure our digital resources work correctly.

Some PCS Edventures programs include digital resources, such as videos and apps. However, some digital resources may be optional, and some programs are entirely tech-free. See your print materials (usually the Instructor Guide or Educator Guide) for all of the digital resources you'll need.

Common Troubleshooting Steps:

If you're having trouble accessing the videos or digital resources included in your program, try these steps:

  1. Educators, contact your IT or Network Admin to ensure that our domains are not being blocked. See the instructions below for more details.
  2. Clear your browser cache. Visit your browser's settings and search for "cache." Make sure to clear your website cookies and cached data for all time.
  3. Turn off browser plugins that may be interfering, such as ad blockers.
  4. Try accessing on a different network, such as at home. This is helpful information for your IT admin or our support team.

Educators, contact your IT or Network Admin:

We recommend talking to your IT or Network Admin before your program starts to make sure that any tech elements of your program are up and running before your students come in.

Send your Admin this page, or download / print this checklist.

IT / Network Admins, follow these steps:

  1. Whitelist PCS Edventures’ domains: edventures.com and droneology.tech
    1. Please check that you can also receive emails from these domains. Important messages about your curriculum and accounts usually send from support@edventures.com.
  2. Whitelist our video hosts: youtube.com, youtu.be and vimeo.com
    1. You may choose to whitelist each video individually, rather than approve the entire domain. See the curriculum print materials, usually the Instructor Guide or Educator Guide, for all of the videos included in your program.
  3. Whitelist our partners’ domains, if applicable to your programs:
    1. Discover Blocksmith, ESPORTS, or Video Game Design: whitelist blocksmithxr.com and stemforged.com
    2. Discover Podcasting: whitelist soundtrap.com
    3. Ready, Set, Drone!, Drone Designers, or Coding with Drones: whitelist droneblocks.io
    4. Rockin’ Robots: whitelist edu.sphero.com
    5. Scratch Camp: whitelist scratch.mit.edu
  4. Approve and Install any apps that are included in your programs.
    1. All required or recommended apps are listed in the curriculum’s print materials, usually in the Instructor Guide or Educator Guide.
    2. You may need to adjust your network security settings temporarily to install some apps.


Chat with us during our business hours, or contact us at support@edventures.com or (800) 429-3110.