RubiQ Drone will not connect to GPS.

What to do if the drone can't obtain a 3D lock, won't connect to satellites, or encounters other GPS-related errors.

GPS Lock is enabled on the RubiQ, meaning she will not arm until she has connected to enough satellites. Note that the RubiQ can only connect to satellites outdoors.

First, complete the full Configuration process.

Make sure you have selected your version of RubiQ and completed all of the steps of the configuration process.

If you're having trouble obtaining 3D lock:

Because buildings, trees, overhangs, etc. can block satellite signals, RubiQ can only obtain 3D lock when out on the flight field. Make sure the area is clear, and give the drone a few minutes to connect to all satellites. Once connected, the “Navigation is safe" Pre-Flight check will give you the green light.

RubiQ usually locks on quickly, but sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes. If you do not hear any malfunction beeps or see any warning lights, please leave the drone stationary for about 15 minutes to allow it to connect.

If you're still having trouble:

  1. Unplug the battery, then plug it back in to try again.
  2. Move to a new flight location at least 50 meters away. Trees, buildings, bad weather, etc. may interfere with signals from satellites, so try to choose a flying area that is clear of obstacles.
  3. If these do not work, please contact our support team to let us know what steps you took, what beeps you hear, what lights you see, and any messages that INAV or the RubiQ Configurator are giving you.

Check the indicator lights:

Visit GPS Lights to see how the RubiQ uses her LEDs to show the status of satellite connections.

If the drone is showing unexpected flashing lights, see RubiQ Warning Lights to identify the error.

If the inner warning lights flash blue, stop flying immediately and see Critical Component Failure Warning for further steps.

If the drone won't arm:

While the GPS lock may prevent RubiQ from arming, there are other potential causes as well. If your GPS seems to be working but the drone still won't arm, please visit the troubleshooting steps for arming the drone.